SYMBIONT has a tradition of informal scientific meetings, which dates back to a Dagstuhl Seminar on Symbolic Methods for Chemical Reaction Networks in 2012. Find here announcements of and practical information on upcoming meetings.


ANR/DFG Kick-off Meeting

July 4, 2018, 10 am – July 5, 2018, 6 pm

Universität Bonn
Endenicher Allee 19A
53115 Bonn, Germany

Room 0.016 on the ground floor


September 17–21, 2018
CASC 2018, Lille, France


July 4–5, 2018
ANR/DFG PRCI Project Kick-off Meeting, Bonn, Germany

March 22–23, 2018
Scientific Meeting, Bonn, Germany

June 1–2, 2017
Funded scientific workshop at the French Embassy, Berlin, Germany

March 14, 2017
Project meeting collocated with BIOSS, Montpellier, France

Confirmed Participants

Marianne Akian (Saclay, France)
François Boulier (Lille, France)
Hassan Errami (Bonn, Germany)
François Fages (Saclay, France)
Dima Grigoriev (Lille, France)
Dominik Kahl (Koblenz, Germany)
Niclas Kruff (Aachen, Germany)
Maik Kschischo (Koblenz, Germany)
Christoph Lüders (Bonn, Germany)
Dmitry Lyakhov (KAUST, KSA)
Stefan Portisch (Vienna, Austria)
Adrien Poteaux (Lille, France)

Ovidiu Radulescu (Montpellier, France)
Alan D. Rendall (Mainz, Germany)
Werner M. Seiler (Kassel, Germany)
Matthias Seiß (Kassel, Germany)
Satya S. Samal (Aachen, Germany)
Thomas Sturm (Nancy, France)
Peter Szmolyan (Vienna, Austria)
Nicolai Vorobjov (Bath, UK)
Sebastian Walcher (RWTH Aachen)
Andreas Weber (Bonn, Germany)
Jörg Zimmermann (Bonn, Germany)


As usual, the program is complemented with discussion rounds between presentations, and there is room for additional ad-hoc presentations as they fit with the discussions.

Wednesday, July 4

Andreas Weber (Univ. Bonn) & Thomas Sturm (CNRS, Nancy)
Opening and quick introduction round

Ovidiu Radulescu (Univ. Montpellier)
Model order reduction for computational biology


Sebastian Walcher (RWTH Aachen)
Singular perturbations, algorithmic algebra and scalings

Marianne Akian (Inria Saclay)
Majorization inequalities for valuations of eigenvalues

Dima Grigoriev (CNRS, Lille)
Recognizing toric varieties in the context of detailed/complex balance


Thursday, July 5

Alan D. Rendall (Univ. Mainz)
Examples of how mathematics can be used to identify qualitative features of solutions of reaction networks

François Fages (Inria Saclay)
Overview of work at Inria and implementation in BIOCHAM in the context of SYMBIONT


Satya Swarup Samal (RWTH Aachen)
Metastable regimes and tipping points of biochemical networks with potential applications in precision medicine

Andreas Weber (Univ. Bonn) & Thomas Sturm (CNRS, Nancy)
General discussion and planning of joint work for 7/2018–12/2018


Practical Information


We recommended to book a hotel soon. One option is Hotel B&B, who offer free cancellation until the day of arrival. The hotel is located one subway stop (or a 20 min walk) from the central railway station Bonn Hbf and 1.8 km (a 20 min walk) from the meeting site. Contact Andreas Weber for other hotel options near the city center.

Getting to the Meeting Site

Meet us in the lobby of B&B on Wednesday at 9:15 for walking to the meeting site together.

For going on your own, enlarge the map below. The marker "Informatik-Zentrum" is exactly where to go. From Endenicher Allee walk around "Campo Mensa."


By Plane

Fly into Frankfurt (FRA). Then take a fast train (ICE, 37 min) from the railway station Frankfurt (Flughafen) Fernbahnhof inside the airport to Siegburg/Bonn. Find connections and buy tickets online at A "Flexpreis ticket" allows you to use any train on a certain day.

From Siegburg/Bonn take Tram 66 to Bonn Hbf (24 min). Then take a subway in direction Bonn West, which is the next stop.

Caveat: Do not fly into Frankfurt Hahn (HHN).

By Train

Take a train to Bonn Hbf. Find connections and buy tickets online at Then take a subway in direction Bonn West, which is the next stop. At Bonn West walk the street in the direction of your train (2 min). B&B will be on the left.

By Car

Google Maps knows the B&B Hotel. They offer a limited number of free parking places, which cannot be reserved.

Google Maps (Interactive)

The "Last Mile"